Overuse Injuries and How to Correct Them

Do you or your clients complain of bothersome pain in the shoulder, knee, hip, foot? Perhaps you or your client do not remember any sudden injury leading to the pain? It may be described as a pain that moves around and waxes and wanes.Overuse injuries can often be difficult to diagnose and often go ignored, unlike a sudden traumatic injury, which usually gets attention and an accurate diagnosis rapidly. As many as 33 to 42 percent of athletes will sustain an overuse injury at some point in their careers (Franco et al., 2021). Yet, these injuries are not exclusive to professional or even recreational athletes.

This figure does not include all the individuals who may sustain an overuse injury from the workplace (i.e., carpenters, mason workers, or office workers in the case of carpal tunnel syndrome). Anyone who engages in any sort of activity frequently with repetitive movement patterns is at risk for an overuse injury (O’Neil et al., 2001).

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