Is a DNA Diet Worth It?

DNA testing has become very popular, marketed to help you determine a variety of aspects of your health and genetics. This has led to a spinoff of DNA-based nutrition testing, suggesting that your genetics can tell you what to eat and what to avoid.

Many are targeted to athletes, to potentially improve performance. DNA diets are still new to the nutrition science scene, and understanding their potential pros and cons is helpful if you’re considering following one.

What Is A DNA Diet?

Testing your DNA can identify certain genetics that may put you at a greater risk for hereditary diseases. As for nutrition, the idea is that DNA testing will identify how your body responds to foods, guiding you to make changes that lower inflammation and disease risk.

Some companies even say “eating for your genes” can help promote successful weight loss or improve performance. While this is attractive consumer marketing, being able to use a DNA test in this way is much more complicated than how it’s often presented, and these claims lack scientific evidence.

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